Cardiovascular Product Development gives an overview of advances in cardiovascular drug development. Topics include anatomy and physiology associated with hypertension, coronary disease, heart attack, and heart failure; coronary and peripheral artery disease, thrombosis, and anticoagulation, cardiac arrhythmia and clinical trial methodology. Topics on cardiac-related medical devices can also be included.

Clinical Trial Management and Operations addresses trial management issues and skills needed to effectively conduct trials in the fast-paced drug development industry. The course presents a variety of topics on trial planning, operational aspects, organizational tips, resource planning ideas, financial implications, timeline concerns, regulatory implications, communication and team building.

Clinical Trial Management and GCP Essentials provides a foundation of GCP concepts, followed by a focus on auditing techniques and strategies, clinical trial management issues and skills needed effectively conduct trials in the fast-paced drug development industry.

Clinical Investigator Training instructs practicing physicians on the basics of planning and implementing clinical research trials. Topics can be tailored to provide information on specific disease states, protocols and other company-specific details.

Good Clinical Practices and Advanced GCP presents a background in GCP as applied to worldwide clinical trials. The Advanced course focuses on GCP auditing techniques and strategies, providing in-depth application-oriented experiences.

Pulmonary Drug Development: Achieving Success in Asthma, COPD, CF, & IPF provides a comprehensive overview of asthma and COPD, CF and IPF as a basis for developing new drugs to more effectively treat these diseases. Pulmonary physiology, pulmonary physiology testing, current treatment approaches, and a review of regulatory policies in this area will be used to discuss recent approaches to developing new drugs for asthma and COPD. Case studies enhance learning via interactivity.

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