Introduction to Oncologic Product Development is designed to cover oncologic clinical trial design from Phase I through III. It also provides an overview of human cancer pathophysiology and current therapeutic issues relevant to the client’s specific development areas. Also available is Cancer 101: Basic Overview of Oncology Drug Development for New Oncology Researchers.

Intermediate and Advanced Concepts in Oncologic Product Development covers oncologic clinical trial design considerations and regulatory issues. Topics include: Clinical trial management operational issues, chemoprevention, angiogenesis inhibitors, new imaging approaches, and cancer pathophysiologies.

Overview of Immuno-Oncologic Development provides an introduction to immunology as it relates to the development of oncologic therapeutic agents. It covers introductory concepts of innate and adaptive immunity, immune modulation focusing on toll-like receptors (TLRs), tumor immunology and manipulation of the immune response and the development process of oncologic vaccines.

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