2018 Labeling Webinar Series: Bundled Package 8 Sessions


This series of 8 webinars provides a solid foundation for professionals responsible for designing and maintaining the content of CCDS and CCSI, and for governing global implementation of Core labeling.

The selection of essential information on core labeling practices presented in this series of webinars is based on Dr. Fontaine’s famous public and in-house training courses. The course offers a unique opportunity to review systematically established best practices and how new developments (e.g., EU RMP Safety Specifications, US Pregnancy and Lactation Rule) affect what needs to be done in core and worldwide labeling.

Price: $1,700.00

Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 1:30 pm

Start Date: February 7, 2018
End Date: March 28, 2018

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