Continue your education with PERI’s Professional Certificate Programs! These advanced education programs for working professionals offer additional specialized knowledge specific to careers in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Currently PERI offers four certificate programs, which can be awarded after completion of a combination of four core and elective courses. These programs are tailored to busy working professionals, as certain certificates may be earned totally online, and students have up to five years to complete the required courses for their education certificate.

These educational tracks are specifically and expertly designed to enhance the knowledge and skills needed for a student’s particular job function. The certificate documents an individual’s professional development and helps prepare them for future endeavors. PERI certificate programs are modeled after graduate-level certificates from colleges and universities; they do not offer certification.

PERI’s certificate programs allow students to personalize a path just right for them. Many of the certificate programs share the same fundamental courses, and this flexibility permits professionals to easily pursue a different program if their career path changes and evolves.

Earning your certificate is simple!

Step 1

Select the Certificate Programs that most aligns with your professional development needs.

Basic Research

Clinical Science

Project Management

Quality Assurance Compliance

Step 2

Choose the PERI courses you wish to attend from the core and elective courses listed within each Certificate Program. Complete the required courses and course work designated for each program. You have up to five years to complete the program, so you can take courses that best fit your schedule and your career goals.

Step 3

Keep in touch with PERI along the way to verify your progress. When you have completed the necessary requisites, notify PERI’s registration office and upon final verification, your certificate will be mailed to you!

The best part? There is no additional cost to pursue these certificate programs – no application fees, no processing fees, no completion costs. Your certificate will document the dedication to professional development and the advanced studies completed in the specialty area of your choosing.

If you have any questions, comments or want to check the status of your progress in one of the four certificate programs, Email PERI or call the main office at (571) 490-8409.

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